Tuesday, February 2, 2010


So in October I will be the photographer for a friends wedding! This is really going to help me get going in the right direction. Until then, Im going to be taking some family photos for some friends and relatives, and will post them when I have them.

I am also coming up with some photo shoot ideas for fun to do when the weather is a little nicer.

Monday, January 18, 2010



Today is the day that it all starts over. I am meeting with a friend this week to go over some info for what she wants her bridal images to look like. Her husband to be in the Marines, so there is lots to go over and have fun with! If all turns out alright, I'll be the 2nd photographer at her wedding!

This is turning out to be a great start to the year!

Monday, December 29, 2008

i am entering....

some of my work into a gallery for an exhibition they are doing. here is to hoping i get chosen.
i am entering my "mugshot" series and anything else i feel is worthy. im really excited. ill keep you informed if i get chosen

Sunday, December 28, 2008

thank goodness the holidays are over

the holidays are always stressful for me. why you may ask? i work retail, enough said. it just gets so tiring with every customer asking the few days before christmas, "well why cant you get this custom frame finished before christmas?... it is just a frame." which fallows me with saying, "im sorry, but that takes 10 DAYS to complete. you had to be here over a week ago to make that happen." it is not my fault you forgot christmas was coming or was a dumb-ass who waited till the last minute. i mean really? christmas comes at the same time each and every year, how do you forget? it is sad, but people do. sorry but there is a cut off point in which we can do things in a timely fashion for you. oh well... some people will just never learn, thats retail.

but now we dont have to deal with that any more. the next holiday is valentines day and we already have merchandise for it. it is kinda sad. we cant even finish one holiday without getting new merchandise for another over a month away. everything is just way too commercialized now. 

on a side note, i am staying at my current job location. i just cant leave my group. and im tired of waiting for the other manager to make up his mind of when i can transfer. so until june i am staying put. this does mean that i have to take on a second part time job until then but hey, gotta pay bills somehow. 

right now i am on my winter break from school. i get a full month off to just work and save some money. it is so wonderful to not have to worry about classes and homework and just be a vegetable and play guitar hero when i get home. although at the same time, i cant wait for the new semester to start up again. this will be my last semester at school for awhile. i will have a BA in studio art with emphasis in photography. and i have no clue what to do with it yet. i really want to do something with commercial photography. maybe wedding photography or advertisements or maybe movie posters (this is southern california you know). 

not long ago i met with my photo teacher to go over my final project and we got talking. i told him that i was really confused with which direction to take my photography. and he gave me an idea to help with that: go to the book store, get comfy with some coffee and take a notebook with me. start going through all of the photo books that they have. write down the things that i like and any ideas that come to me. write down my thoughts about the artist and any other notes that may come up. i have had one go at this so far and i love it. i mean, really going through page by page and finding the things that i like and peak my interest and actually writing it down truly makes me think more about the work. 

so here comes the big question... WHAT DO I WANT TO DO WITH PHOTOGRAPHY?
i like fashion (even though my half of the closet is smaller than my fiancĂ©'s)
i like animals (who doesnt like a cute little or not so little animal?)
i like people (all kinds of people intrigue me: young, old, small, big, weird, disabled, tattooed...)
i like comedy and making things funny (laughter is a wonderful thing)
i like things that are vintage or old fashioned (there is something timeless about them)
i like movies (always have and always will)
i like b&w and color photos (each is beautiful in its own way)
i like the human body (bodies are elegant and very beautiful, especially when nude)

so here is what i am going to do. each week i am going to try a different aspect of photography. each week i will create and complete an assignment and see what i like most at the end of april. my deadline will be the 1st of may. at that time i will be looking for a permanent job. each week i will post my assignment and the completed photo(s). what will work best for me? we will see

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Vegas Thanksgiving

So I flew to Vegas on Tuesday and back on Thursday. It was so much fun! Met up with my mom, grand-mom, and doug. We stayed at the Bellagio and from our room could see the playboy bunny sign on the Palms. We went and saw "O", the Cirque de Soleil show which was AMAZING! Didn't win big but didn't loose much. For sure was a great few days. Since I wont be going home for Christmas I decided to take my mom's gift to her: a blue ipod and ihome. She loved it! Was nice to see her happy. Wish I could have had more time with my mom, but what do you do? Northern California is just so far away. 

Had enchiladas for Thanksgiving and yet again they were delicious. 

Well, this 7 page paper wont write itself (boo...) so I'll check back on you all later

Sunday, November 23, 2008


I'll be in Vegas Tuesday through Thursday of this week. I will take tons of pictures and win some money. See ya Thursday and have a great Thanksgiving 

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Polaroid Transfers

I have found some pretty useful web sites for polaroid transfers. Unfortunately there are not too many. Here is what I found:

Both of these sites give some detailed directions on how to create Polaroid Transfers. Ill include some examples of what these may look like
No, these are not my photos, I will post those when I have completed some